Leslie Lee

Compelling stories + effective design

College Station, TX

Leslie Lee

Communications Specialist II
Texas Water Resources Institute and the Texas A&M Natural Resources Institute


TWRI Annual Report - 2016

At the Texas Water Resources Institute, we have helped solve Texas water issues through research, education and outreach for 65 years.
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Infographic: NRI by the numbers in 2016

This is one of the reasons why we recently changed our name from the Texas A&M Institute of Renewable Natural Resources to the Texas A&M Natural Resources Institute.
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NRI overview one-pager

At the Texas A&M Natural Resources Institute, our work improves the conservation and management of natural resources through interdisciplinary and applied research. We are committed to solving natural resource issues and. engaging policymakers, land managers and citizens throughout the process. Our Land Trends and Demography Program applies innovative solutions to private land conservation using geospatial tools and landscape planning.

The Drought Survivability Study TR-495

Get the results of TWRI-funded research through technical and special reports. Find abstracts and full-text online for our reports. Water is a major limiting factor for maintaining the aesthetic performance of ornamental plants. The public uses various sources of information to determine the watering needs of Central Texas plants, from use of peer-reviewed articles to qualitative assessments of plant performance.

Meet the Texas A&M Natural Resources Institute

Formerly Texas A&M IRNR, the Texas A&M Natural Resources Institute has launched a new brand and website.
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Conservation Matters - June 2017

Aggies at World Water Congress, NRI innovation, workshops and more
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Equipping a resilient community

Flood-vulnerable Houston neighborhood collaborates with Texas A&M researchers.
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Do you live in Flash Flood Alley?

Experts explain the Central Texas phenomenon and what residents should know.
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Disappearing habitat

As water and land management change in the Texas Mid-Coast, waterfowl feel the effects. A rice field is every duck’s winter dream home.
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Fisheries in flux

As Texas lakes fluctuate, fish populations and anglers are along for the ride.
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Off and running

Aggie scientists invent high-tech system to reduce landscape runoff.
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Quantifying connections

World-renowned Texas A&M researcher uses water, energy, food nexus to analyze resource problems near and far.
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Leslie Lee

As a Communications Specialist for the Texas Water Resources Institute and the Texas A&M Natural Resources Institute, I use compelling stories, effective design and community engagement to advance water and natural resources research and education.

You can follow us at @TxWRI and @TAMU_NRI.

My skills include graphic design, social media, DSLR photography, news and editorial writing and editing, and technical writing and editing.

At work my passion is translating complicated science into useful and helpful information for average folks.

I'm also a wife, mom to two tinies, Christian, Aggie, voracious reader, and notoriously loud laugher.